I'm Starla Sampaco. I'm an independent video producer, consultant, and former journalist. My latest venture is a video project geared towards young professionals, especially those of underrepresented backgrounds. I like to think of it as the Career Survival Guide I wish I had when I was just starting out.


Early in my career, I realized that in order to become successful, some of the most important skills I needed were not skills I could learn in school. Over the years, I learned how to leverage my value in situations where I was the youngest person on the team or an "only" (the only woman and/or person of color on a team). Being an "only" or the youngest employee comes with challenges, but I also realized how I could turn this into an advantage. Looking back, I wish I had a better idea of what to expect, but I never found a book, podcast, or YouTube channel that could fulfill all of my specific needs. That's why I think the Career Survival Guide is so necessary.

I hope that the young professionals who watch my videos will learn strategies to help them work smarter (not just harder), advocate for themselves and others at work, and build fulfilling lives.

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