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How to be resilient & bounce back from setbacks | Interview with MSNBC's Mariana Atencio (Pt. 3)

In the last part of our interview, I asked MSNBC's Mariana Atencio how she became so resilient during the toughest parts of her career. In her book, "Perfectly You," Mariana writes about getting laid off from one of her first journalism jobs and how she almost became undocumented. Watch the video to learn how she bounced back from the lowest points of her career.

"You don't wake up resilient one day and then you're resilient forever. You have to really fight for it. For me, it’s thinking about what my parents sacrificed for me to be where I am."

- Mariana Atencio

BOOK GIVEAWAY: I'm giving away three copies of "Perfectly You" by Mariana Atencio. For a chance to win, comment on one of my videos with Mariana (on any platform) and let me know which part of our interview resonated with you the most.

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