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How to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn | Clubhouse recap

How do you grow your personal brand on social media platforms like LinkedIn?

Here are some content strategy tips from my recent Clubhouse event with Aleenah Ansari (Microsoft writer & content program manager) & Leah Shin (Microsoft PMM & Gender Vender co-founder):

  1. Starla: Start by thinking about your core values and meaningful experiences you’ve had. Drawing from these experiences, distill your content strategy into a statement (1-2 sentences) that summarizes what you want your audience to think of you. Mine is “Starla is a Filipino-American news anchor who creates career content for Millennial women & POC. Through her coaching and content, she helps corporate professionals advocate for themselves at work.” This statement is your North Star, and all pieces of your content should support some part of that strategy statement.

  2. Aleenah: Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. Think about your ideal audience and take note of what resonates. So ask people in your life (friends, co-workers, mentors, etc.): What can you count on me for? What do you think my strengths are? Then, play to those strengths or make them more prominent on your social media, portfolio, or website.

  3. Leah: LinkedIn can feel like a very buttoned-up and formal platform, but you can still create content that comes from a genuine place (you shouldn’t have to force it!). When you’re starting to develop your personal brand, create content about the topics you truly enjoy — hobbies, interests, side hustles, or passion projects. Reflect on experiences that are meaningful to you and the cool people you’ve met along the way. Share what you learned from them.

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