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Join me & WA State SHRM on Friday, March 5

You know you want to attract and retain early-career women & people of color (POC), but how should your company approach this?

I’m sharing some insights this Friday, March 5th, during my pre-conference webinar for Washington State SHRM: “Why You're Not Retaining Early-Career Women And POC (And What You Can Do About It).”

As the founder of Career Survival Guide, I help women & POC advocate for themselves at work (through career workshops, free content on YouTube & Instagram, and 1:1 coaching).

To better understand my audience, I’ve interviewed dozens of early-career women & POC about what their current companies could do to retain them, what made them leave former employers (or not accept offers from companies in the first place), and what they want out of their careers.

The goals of this research? Ask open-ended questions about their pain points and give them space where they would feel safe to tell their stories unfiltered. These interviews became a case study in what young professionals expect out of their workplaces and where employers fall short.

You’ll leave my webinar with recommendations on how to foster a culture where women & POC feel like they belong. Register for the WA SHRM conference at .

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