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Teaching at the University of Washington

I am returning to the University of Washington, but this time, I'm teaching! I am thrilled to join my alma mater as an adjunct instructor this fall. This week, I started teaching graduate students of the Communication Leadership master’s program.

Working part-time in academia has been challenging, but I’ve also enjoyed the process of developing a course. Each time I sat down to work on my syllabus, I asked myself these questions: What are some practical skills you wish you had learned in school before joining the workforce? And based on feedback from recent grads and early- to mid-career professionals, what are the biggest gaps in university education? How can we fill those gaps?

I have taken the content from my corporate workshops and my Career Survival Guide YouTube channel (which draws from research interviews with women & POC in media, tech, and business) and turned it into a course focused on self-advocacy, professional visibility, & personal branding.

You can read the course description for my class below. Go Dawgs!

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