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VIDEO: She's back! Introducing the Career Survival Guide series

I'm launching this video series for young professionals, especially those of underrepresented backgrounds. This is the Career Survival Guide I wish I had when I was just starting out.

What I'm working on

I'm excited to unveil my latest project: the Career Survival Guide. I spent the past several months producing a video series geared towards young professionals, especially women of color. This is for young people who want to learn how to advocate for themselves at work and in the process advocate for others, too. You can find my videos on, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

For this series, I conducted on-camera interviews in the U.S. and Asia with a wide range of professionals, including an MSNBC correspondent, a diversity & inclusion expert who writes for the Harvard Business Review, and a VC principal who invests in tech startups.

What to expect:

I just published my first video, which goes into more detail about the project. Here are some topics you can expect to see on my website in the coming weeks:

  • Playing the long game: What to do in your twenties to set yourself up for long-term success

  • How I got two TV news offers out of college, and why I turned both down

  • "Please don't look too Latina" | An interview about calling out microagressions from managers & coworkers

  • Her First $100K | An interview with a millenial who saved $100,000 before turning 25

Why I'm doing this

I realized that in order to become successful, some of the most important skills I needed were not skills I could learn in school. I also realized that women of color in the U.S. face unique pressures that affect our careers in significant ways, but we don't talk about these issues enough in discussions about professional development.

I wish I started my career with a better idea of what to expect, but I wasn't able to find a book, podcast, or YouTube channel that could fulfill my specific needs. That's why I think this Career Survival Guide is so necessary.

Young professionals who watch my videos will learn strategies to help them work smarter (not just harder), advocate for themselves at work, and build fulfilling lives.

Where I've been

As some of you know, I chose to leave journalism earlier this year. There were several factors motivating this decision.

I thought long and hard about where I want to be five years from now, what I want to contribute, and how I define success. As I reflected on this, it became clear that it was time for a change.

I have begun the next stage of my career as an independent video producer and consultant. Although it has been challenging, I have never felt so fulfilled by my work. I am so grateful for the privilege to be able to do this. Starting my own hustle was risky, and it required lots of planning. I decided to make the jump when I realized that now (my twenties) was the best time to take big risks.

If you would like to support my efforts, here's how you can help:

Please share my videos with your networks, especially early-career professionals and college students. You can find my videos on YouTube and LinkedIn.

I can't wait to see what's in store for 2020. Thank you for being part of my journey!

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