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Event emceeing

"We were extremely fortunate to garner the assistance of Starla Sampaco at two major events hosted by our organization, Region 8 of the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (FilVetREP).  Starla served as a co-emcee for our major May 2017 fundraiser for the Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) at the Renton Pavilion. This event was attended by well over 350 people.  Starla graciously accepted our invitation to again serve as a co-emcee for the April 2018 CGM Awards ceremony where over 300 participants (elderly veterans, widows and/or family members) received the Congressional Gold Medal specifically designated by Congress for Filipino Veterans who had served in the Pacific Theatre/Philippines during WWII.


Both events required extensive preparation work by the co-emcees in ensuring close working knowledge of the program/agenda, familiarity with the various dignitaries, government officials and others in attendance and collaborative team work with the event staff and organizers to ensure that everything ran smoothly and on point.  In addition, the role of the co-emcees was extremely important in keeping the attendees engaged, attentive and happy to be at both events. Starla exceeded our expectations in how she prepared in advance for both events, staying in constant communication with us to ensure that she understood every detail or to ask questions to clarify any issues.  She exhibited a very high level of professionalism, dedication to doing the job well and a commitment to follow through, as she worked with us before, during and after both events.  

Starla has demonstrated that she is quite organized, diligent, and methodical in her approach to any project.  She is an excellent writer and public speaker who projects command, poise and presence.  She brings these skills and assets and more to any position or project that she may be involved with. We were truly happy that Starla provided so much time, energy and service to our elderly veterans and their families who received the Congressional Gold Medal!"

-Brigadier General Oscar Hilman (United States Army Retired)

Consulting for organizations

"I've known Starla since 2018, when she launched GeekWire's first video show. She produced a daily show as well as social media content, and I'm impressed at how she was able to grow our audience so efficiently as a one-woman band. She truly understands the value of diversity and inclusion in media, and her commitment to D&I shows in her body of work. Starla brings so much value to the projects she is involved in, and I've specifically sought her feedback on new media concepts after she left GeekWire. Her attention to detail and her insights on long-term content strategy will help your team get results. If you're looking for a media consultant, I would highly recommend Starla Sampaco."


-Jonathan Sposato, Chairman of GeekWire

"As a veteran TV news producer/director, an independent filmmaker and Chair of the Broadcast Journalism department at the New York Film Academy I have met a lot of media people and taught a lot of students. And one of the most memorable is Starla Sampaco. She has great storytelling and interviewing skills, as well as an unshakeable work ethic. If I were looking for someone to point me in the right direction when it comes to digital media, it would be Starla."


-Bill Einreinhofer, Chair of New York Film Academy's Broadcast Journalism Department

Producing and on-camera hosting

"Starla hosted and produced Capitol Headlines at TVW a few years ago and it was hard to let her go!  Her quick grasp of issues and understanding of how TVW covers issues in a deep, balanced way made her a great addition to our team.  She has the ability to immediately ascertain what issues are important and who needs to be delivering the message on both sides of a debate.  Her research skills and on-air style were very consistent with TVW’s standards.  We would eagerly hire Starla for future freelance opportunities knowing she can deliver a top-notch product in an in-depth and balanced way, just like we need."


-Renee Radcliff Sinclair, President and CEO of TVW 

Consulting for college students and early-career professionals

"I worked closely with Starla during my time as a Dow Jones News Fund business reporting intern at GeekWire, where she produced the daily news show TLDR. I had been brought on to be a reporting intern, but I mentioned I had some but not a lot of shooting and video experience from journalism school, and the GeekWire team and Starla took a chance on me and let me help produce the show — and for a few weeks, completely take over the show from scripting to shooting to editing to distribution. 

Starla was the key to my success with TLDR. When I started, I knew how to operate a camera and the bare bones basics of Adobe Premiere. By the end, with Starla’s encouragement, steady hand, and teach-by-example attitude, I could produce, shoot, write, and edit a full episode top to bottom in one day. Her teaching and mentorship extended beyond video skills (though she basically taught me everything I know about producing good videos on tight deadlines). As a young Asian American woman at the very beginning of my career, Starla was both a valuable resource and trusted mentor in understanding the industry and my own trajectory.

Working on TLDR at GeekWire was the reason I was able to get a video internship at CNN Business the following semester, then a fellowship on the video explainers team at Business Insider, and finally, a full-time associate producer position at BI’s daily news show, Business Insider Today. Without Starla’s patience, guidance, and support, I would never have discovered that video journalism was my true passion and never would have had the courage to go for it.  I would recommend Starla as a mentor, consultant, teacher, and video producer a hundred times over if I could.


-Kaitlyn Wang, Associate Producer for Business Insider Today

"Starla Sampaco is one of those women you meet who you know will achieve anything she sets her mind to and she will do it with excellence.  I’ve known Starla since she was a teen when she competed in the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant, the state pageant qualifier to Miss Teen USA. As a teen state titleholder, Starla was wise beyond her years: driven, on time, and results oriented. I can send her to any appearance or have her do any media interview and know she would make a lasting impression on people.


She thinks big. She’s compassionate. She’s professional. That’s why it didn’t surprise me when Starla started working as a tech journalist in the #12 market in the country right after college. She brought creativity to her stories as she wasn’t one to simply tell you the news. Instead, she had a way of making you feel you were there. She knew how to get to her social media audience. In fact, I found myself stopping what I was doing to learn something from Starla's stories that I would see on Facebook.


Now that she is an entrepreneur and media consultant, Starla will bring that creativity and passion to her clients and projects. Her work ethic is off the charts. She’s loyal. She’s also your friend."


-Maureen Francisco, Executive Producer of NW Productions LLC

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