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I am a TV news anchor, Harvard Business Review contributor, and professional speaker. Most days, you can watch me reporting the news on KCTS 9, Seattle's PBS channel. My greatest passion in life is helping others learn how to advocate for themselves in the workplace. Self-advocacy includes:

1. Taking up space or growing your visibility
2. Asking for what you need
3. Articulating your value with confidence
4. Establishing boundaries
5. Standing up for yourself when boundaries are crossed

In 2021, I started teaching graduate students as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership master’s program, where I developed a course on career strategy, professional visibility, and self-advocacy in the workplace.

Outside of journalism, I founded Career Survival Guide, which offers corporate workshops, consulting services, and free content on YouTube & Instagram geared towards women and POC (people of color). I created Career Survival Guide to help these professionals navigate career barriers, to demystify the hiring process, and to teach my audience the tactical career strategies they didn't learn in school.

As an extension of this work, I conduct research interviews with women and POC to better understand what they need to feel supported in the workplace. Drawing from this research, I work with company decision-makers and HR professionals by sharing strategies for retaining a diverse workforce. In 2021, I presented my research in a Washington State SHRM workshop called “Why You’re Not Retaining Early-Career Women and POC … And What You Can Do About It.” As a professional speaker, I am represented by the SHRM Speakers Bureau and have previously worked with clients like Microsoft and AT&T.

I have worked in the television and media industries for more than 10 years. Prior to joining KCTS 9, I covered state politics as a legislative reporter and also produced a technology news show. In 2021, I was awarded spots on The Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list and 425 Business Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list.

To book me through the SHRM Speakers Bureau, visit my SHRM profile.

To inquire about my services or to request a collaboration, fill out this form.

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