I am a Seattle-based video producer and journalist. I currently host and produce a video series called Career Survival Guide, which helps young women and people of color navigate career challenges.


I created the series after noticing a serious problem throughout my news career: Women and people of color face unique barriers to professional success, and many of us feel unprepared to face these barriers upon joining the workforce.

I've conducted interviews in the U.S. and Asia with a wide range of leaders in business, tech, and media. These interviews include former MSNBC correspondent Mariana Atencio, Harvard Business Review contributor/diversity & inclusion expert Ruchika Tulshyan, and impact investor Maoi Arroyo.

Through my videos, you'll learn strategies to help you work smarter (not just harder), advocate for yourself at work, and build a fulfilling career.

To learn more about my past work experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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