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I’m a keynote speaker, Emmy-nominated news anchor, and former University of Washington adjunct faculty member. As a speaker and educator, I teach mid-career women and professionals of color how to advocate for themselves at work.

Previously, I was the main TV news anchor for KCTS 9 (Seattle's PBS channel). I was also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington Communication Leadership Master's Program, where I developed and taught a graduate-level course on self-advocacy, professional visibility, and career strategy. I founded Career Survival Guide in 2019, and my work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

Outside of work, I enjoy cuddling my rescue dog, Dorito (Instagram: @HiMyNameIsDorito), visiting new coffee shops, and reading culinary cozy mysteries

My "why"

Throughout my career, I’ve often been the “only” in many professional settings – the only woman, the only person of color, and/or the only millennial in the room. Over the past decade, I have navigated these challenging power dynamics while building a successful career in media, despite being told I was “too young” to succeed in TV and "too ambitious." These experiences taught me the importance of advocating for myself and taking up space unapologetically. My greatest passion in life is sharing these skills and lessons with others, so they can thrive (not just survive) in their careers.


Speaking and emceeing

My keynotes and corporate workshops cover:

  • self-advocacy and professional visibility,

  • strategies for communicating with confidence and credibility,

  • self-promotion without feeling disingenuous or "too salesy,"

  • and the importance of taking up space in the workplace, especially for women and people of color.


This content tends to resonate with professionals of marginalized backgrounds – specifically, women, people of color, immigrants and children of immigrants, people who grew up low-income, and people who were the first in their families to attend college (first-gen). 


As an extension of this work, I have conducted dozens of research interviews with early- to mid-career women and people of color to learn about their career pain points. Using this data, I work with HR leaders and hiring managers by sharing strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. In 2021, I launched a workshop called “Why You’re Not Retaining Women and People of Color…and What You Can Do About It” at the Washington State SHRM Employment Law Conference. 

Additionally, I am available to emcee conferences and corporate events. My hosting/emceeing reel can be found here.


Past clients include Microsoft, AT&T, and the Society for HR Management (SHRM). Read testimonials from my clients here.

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